8-Bit Theater
Episode 1100
The Light Warriors!
The Light Warriors!
They Get Around
Date Published Tuesday March 3rd, 2009
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It turns out to be a really small world... or just a really big problem.

Cast Appearing[]


The Temple of Fiends


Drizz'l I need you guys to kill the Light Warriors.
Kary The Light Warriors!
Drizz'l You've heard of them?
Kary Heard of them? They robbed me of beloved minions, whom I require to express the true depths of my evil by slaughtering them senselessly!
Kary Though an alternative point of view would be that my senseless slaughter of minions eventually led to a dearth of minions.
Kary But that's not the kind of thinking that keeps you from getting slaughtered.
Lich And they killed me.
Jnn'efur And me.
Muffin To say they killed me gives them entirely too much credit, but I should like to see that elf wear his entrails like a noose all the same.
Drizz'l Is there anyone without grievance against them?
The scene cuts to Thief and Black Mage.
Thief So after we "save" the world, I figure that gives us the moral authority to levy a savior tax on, well, everything.
Thief By which I mean every thing that ever was and will be.
Black Mage How about hypotheticals and things that never were?
Thief One day at a time, Black Mage.