8-Bit Theater
Episode 1103
"Why not?" is the real question.
"Why not?" is the real question.
Date Published Tuesday March 10th, 2009
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Red Mage is no longer with us... Or is he?

Cast Appearing[]


The Temple of Fiends


Black Mage Hey, look at me! I'm an ugly jackass who talks about stats!
Durr, hur hur durr!
Thief I don't get it.
Fighter Is that... Is it black belt?
Black Mage What? No, listen.
Dur hur, I wear a dress sometimes.
Hey, let's do some quests and level up the game!
Fighter That's a terrible Black Belt, man.
Thief Well, it's close. He did use his mouth to speak.
Fighter I guess. But beyond that?
Black Mage It's Red Mage. You know it's Red Mage, why are you being jerks?
Thief Red Mage?
Fighter I don't see it.
Black Mage I'm wearing his goddamned hat.
Thief How'd you get that from him anyway?
Black Mage I took it from his corpse.
Thief He's dead?
Black Mage Yeah.
Thief and Fighter stare at Black Mage.
Black Mage Or not. I don't know.