8-Bit Theater
Episode 1109
A chart!
A chart!
Continuum vs. Quantum
Date Published Thursday March 26th, 2009
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Now that Red Mage is out of commission, the good plans can take effect.

Cast Appearing[]


The Temple of Fiends


Garland Hello.
Black Mage Ah-ha! We ambushed you!
Garland I... said hello.
Black Mage It's a mistake to think of ambushes in terms of either/or, you know.
There's a whole spectrum. I charted it out, actually.
Garland A chart?
Black Mage A chart.
Garland I'd love to see that.
Black Mage Good. I didn't make it to never be seen.
It's in one of these pockets...
Fighter runs by in a blur, wearing Red Mage as a helmet, and punches Garland hard in the face.
Black Mage Booya! That was the ambush, Mutha Fugga!
Garland Well played.
Fighter Can I take off my fire helm yet? It's a little on fire.
Black Mage No, you're doin' fine.