8-Bit Theater
Episode 110
Couldn't have said it better.
Couldn't have said it better.
The Beginnings of a Master Plan
Date Published Tuesday, January 22nd, 2002
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Red Mage comes up with a plan that's bound to work.

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First Mention Of[]

  • Red Mage's Stat Swapping


Red Mage Okay. So we know that Garland is so evil and powerful that we don't stand a chance against him in a head-on attack.
Fighter Right!
Black Mage
Red Mage Therefore I propose the following: rather than waiting for our eventual and painful demise, we surprise attack Garland the very instant he returns!
Thief That's all well and good, RM, but we haven't much time before the fiend gets back!
Red Mage That's where my astounding collection of stats, feats, bonuses, and specialization come into play. I shall develop a brilliant plan of attack through a mere roll of the dice!
Fighter This plan of his best involve me and swords and hitting people with the swords.
Black Mage And just how do you propose to do that?
I thought all these alleged 'stats' of yours were geared toward combat and magic, not thinking.
Red Mage So true, BM. So true. Thus, I must invoke the most hallowed and powerful art know to my secret cabal...
Thief So far I'd have to bet it's the power of being stupid.
Red Mage It is known among my kind as...

By simply altering my other stats, I can channel their points into my intelligence score, thus making me phenomenally smart!

Red Mage scribbles on his character sheet.
Black Mage We're as good as dead.


  • The word phenomenally was misspelled "phenomenonally".