8-Bit Theater
Episode 1110
His hands will fit together like two Tetris L-blocks.
His hands will fit together like two Tetris L-blocks.
Safer Than Artillery Strike Alley
Date Published Thursday March 28th, 2009
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US$5 says that Bikke will fall for it.

Cast Appearing[]


The Temple of Fiends


Black Mage Buzz off, you're cramping my act.
Thief What are you talking about?
Black Mage Hey look, they don't call this Ambush Alley for nuthin'.
Thief No one calls it that.
Black Mage They will.
See, while you've been faffing around like a useless hanger-on since that's all you know, I've been eliminating our enemies one by one.
Thief Where's the other one?
Black Mage "One by one" has to start somewhere!
Thief And end there too.
Black Mage What do you mean?
Thief It's just a hallway and they're on the other side.
They can see you.
Fighter (to Bikke and Drizz'l) Remember: if a handsome but invincible warrior with a fire helm is trying to kill you, that's me and it's an ambush, so look out.
Black Mage Also, some other factors.
I can't believe Fighter is letting all that fire helm go to waste.
Thief And I can't believe he's still on fire.
Black Mage Red Mage is the best damn kindling this team ever had!