8-Bit Theater
Episode 1112
That's odd. I remember getting the crickets exterminated.
That's odd. I remember getting the crickets exterminated.
The Best Of Fiends
Date Published Thursday, April 02, 2009
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The backstabbing backstabbers have backstabbed each other... In the back.

Cast Appearing[]


The Temple of Fiends


Drizz'l Anyway, I re-teamed up with my team to destroy you guys.
Thief Hold it! We had a plan to backstab our teams into bloody lumps of our own personal glories.
Drizz'l We did. Right up to the point where I backstabbed you for my specific personal glory.
Thief You backstabbed me?
How unforeseeable. Alternatively: oh.
Black Mage You don't get to be pissed off. You were colluding with the enemy!
Thief I would have double-crossed him to death before double-crossing you guys.
Black Mage That's not as bad.
Drizz'l So, all that talk about Elven solidarity was a lie.
Thief But in my defense, I only lied because I thought your death would benefit me.
Drizz'l I'm going to be the bigger Elf here. I'm not even upset.
Mostly because I have fiends!
The hallway to which he is motioning is empty.
Drizz'l Just not with me.