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Episode 1113
Episode 1113
You should kick yourself for never saying this.
Yeah, Right
Date Published Saturday, April 4, 2009
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Thief is doubtful of the Fiends life, mainly because they're dead.

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Thief and Drizz'l stand face to face, standing on Bikke and Garland respectively. Drizz'l looks downtrodden.
ThiefYou are not good at this whole summoning an ultimate weapon to defeat your foes thing.
ThiefI mean, it's bad enough they didn't show up. How embarrassing for you.
ThiefBut the reason they didn't show up is that they're dead because we killed the crap out of them.
Black Mage walks in
Black MageAnd don't look into it, but they were really easy to kill. Like, stupid easy.
ThiefWhat do you do, Drizz'l? Get summoning materia from Cracker Jack boxes?
Drizz'l(angrily) We Dark Elves are strictly Crunch-N-Munch people. Anyway, shut up.
Drizz'lThey were summoned possibly by me, and they are here, just not right here now.
Black MageSure they are. They're back from the grave.
ThiefAnd more powerful than ever. Oooh.
Black MageStop, Thief!
Just talking about it makes me so scared I'm about to shit your pants.
ThiefYeah, I...what?
Black Mage'Cause it's as impossible as this scrub having access to Ultra-Fiends from beyond Hell.
Black MageI mean, where'd he get them? From his girlfriend, she's from Leflein, we don't know her?
Drizz'l(Looks down) We were pen pals.
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