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Episode 1114
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Look Who Came To Murder
Date Published Tuesday, April 7, 2009
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Time to ninja up some laundry.

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Script[edit | edit source]

Drizz'l You guys are going to eat your words when my fiends show up and kill you.
Black Mage Yeah, we're really worried about that.
Fighter Hey, guys! Look who I found!
The Fiends are behind him.
Thief What the--
Goddammit, my pants!
Black Mage Sorry.
Fighter I met our old friends, who coincidentally, are also our worst enemies.
Remember? We killed them? They say it's our turn now.
I think it could be fun if "Killing" means what I don't think it means.
Thief That's super
I have to ninja up some laundry.
Fighter Alright, Black Mage! It's you and me vs. the world. Like in the good old days!
Black Mage Yes.
Just like the old days.
Black Mage runs away, dropping Red Mage's hat.
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