8-Bit Theater
Episode 1116
It seems to have become a new fashion line.
It seems to have become a new fashion line.
Too Many Bosses
Date Published Tuesday, April 14, 2009
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All four fiends at once is definitely unfair if you ask me...

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Fighter I must warn you, evil monster guys, my fire helm makes me super invincible.
Lich Is that a fact?
Fighter I can't prove it's not, so it obviously must be.
Lich Kary, why don't you show this pile of hair what you think of his little fire helm?
Kary uses Lich as her fire helm.
Lich That's not what I meant.
She puts him down.
Lich Thank you.
Muffin Can we skip the pre-battle pageantry and get straight to killing this guy?
Red Mage (standing on Fighter's head, extinguished) Hold it!
Fighter Aww, my fire helm.
Red Mage You four are in a direct violation of the one boss at a time act.

Also, where is my hat?
Muffin See, look at that.
There's two of them now.

If that's not reason enough to kill them, I don't know what is.