8-Bit Theater
Episode 1117
Episode 1117
Better safe than sorry.
Kind Of A Raw Deal
Date Published Thursday, April 16, 2009
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Black Mage chokes on his endless rage.

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Black MageHold it!
Black Mage(at Red Mage) I thought you were dead! And then I set you on fire to make sure.
Red MageOh, it's quite simple, really.
Black MageYeah, I doubt that.
Red MageI looked 'pon the datasphere and my mind burst. I became a part of everything.
For one perfect instant I knew the position and velocity of all creation.

Calling it merely "beautiful" or "enlightening" only insults the experience. We are as a mote of dust resting on a masterpiece.
Red MageBlack Mage.
I know all the moves in the game.
Black MageOkay. Let me see if I've got this.
MuffinExcuse us.
Black MageYou shut the goddamn hell up, super monsters.
Black MageI "get" to learn magic abilities if I am lucky enough to survive them being cast on me.

So far this consists of a crotch kick and puking out my organs.
You get total enlightenment by looking at a box.
Red MageYup.
Black MageI'm going to choke on my endless rage now. Excuse me.
Black MageGhkk!
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