8-Bit Theater
Episode 1118
Looks like he found an alternative to White Mage.
Looks like he found an alternative to White Mage.
Battle Royale
Date Published Satruday, April 18, 2009
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Sarda almost fails to keep up his facade, again.

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Fighter (at Black Mage) What's wrong with him?
Red Mage Oh, the gross inequities of the universe finally crushed his spirit.
Fighter Is that like a disgusting financial thing or what?
Red Mage No.
Red Mage The vast chasm between what he wants and what he gets probably strained his sanity to its breaking point.
Fighter What's that weird sound?
Red Mage His tongue going down his throat.
Black Mage falls over...
Fighter Uh, should we help him?
Red Mage We'd get drool on our fingers, no way.
Fighter Good point.
Fighter Will he die?
Red Mage Well, no, not necessarily. There's a chance his impotent rage is so powerful that he'll collapse into a singularity of hate.
Red Mage Let's watch!
Sarda (pops out of nowhere) Goddamn, what's it take to get you morons to kill each other, anyway?
Sarda I mean hello.