8-Bit Theater
Episode 111
That's what we all feel...
That's what we all feel...
The Unfurling of a Master Plan
Date Published Thursday, January 24th, 2002
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Red Mage shows the Light Warriors his very blue print of his "Great Escape Plan (Ver 1.0)".

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Red Mage holds a blue scroll of his blue prints.
Red Mage All right. Using my artificially enhanced intelligence, I have just concocted an amazing scheme to get us out of here.
Black Mage Really? I coulda sworn all you did was change some numbers on your 'character sheet' and then roll a few dice.
Red Mage Precisely!
Black Mage good as dead.
Red Mage I'll let you guys peruse it and be amazed by my incredible intellect.
Black Mage I'll be amazed if this plan of yours doesn't completely suck.
Red Mage shows his blue print of his master plan.
Red Mage's
Great Escape
Plan Ver 1.0
  1. Garland arrives with our tasty snacks.
  2. Black Mage zaps Garland with a super fireball.
  3. Fighter uses a thus far unseen Vargas-Do sword technique to cripple Garland.
  4. Thief uses Garland's credit cards to rack up immense charges at online porn sites to simultaneously ruin his credit rating and reputation.
  5. Red Mage receives experience bonuses for the encounter. They include, but are not limited to: making a plan, making a plan that worked, making a plan that saves the day, and staying in character.
  6. Light Warriors return triumphantly Corneria where they are heralded as the greatest heroes of all time.
Copyright Red Mage, Red Mage Industries Inc.
Red Mage So, what do you guys think?
Fighter I like my part!
Thief Me too!
Black Mage Well, at least I shall die as I have lived. Completely surrounded by morons.