8-Bit Theater
Episode 1121
The first step is always admission.
The first step is always admission.
Loose Lips Sink Light Warriors
Date Published Saturday, April 25, 2009
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Thief returns to report his findings on the fiends and the Dark Warriors...

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Thief Mission complete.
Red Mage Excellent work, Thief. Report.
Red Mage Thief?
Thief Are you sure you want to discuss mission sensitive information with non-combat personnel nearby?
Red Mage (looking at Black Mage) Oh, him? He's harmless, go ahead.
Black Mage Screw you guys sideways with a poleaxe.
Thief That's not comfortable, sanitary, or possible.
Black Mage Shut up.
I am as much a part of this godawful team as any of you jerks.
They stare at Black Mage.
Fighter I can vouch for him, if you like.
Thief It's a start.
Black Mage I will choke the life out of you just to hear you beg for a mercy that will not come.
Thief Oh yeah, that's going to happen.
Red Mage Just report!
Thief Turns out the Dark Warriors and the fiends want us dead.
Red Mage What?
Thief Yeah, I don't get it either.
Something about revenge for ruining their lives forever.
Black Mage (rolling his eyes) Oh, we've ruined millions of lives.
They're just being babies about it.