8-Bit Theater
Episode 1125
Ugh, Houston, we have a problem.
Date Published Thursday, May 7, 2009
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On no, not White Mage!

Cast AppearingEdit



Black MageAre you guys supercharged with the stolen essences of the most evil things in the world (including yourself, somehow)? Are you?
Black MageNo?
Black MageHey, look at all the crap I don't have to take from you jerks anymore.
Red MageYou think we're jerks?
Black MageNo, I think you're assholes.
I was trying to make your final moments a little nicer, jerk.
ThiefFinal moments, eh? We outnumber you.
Black MageMaybe, but I can do anything...
...That can be expressed by gratuitous use of evil black energy tendrils.
Black MageLike this!
Black Mage summons sharp, black tendrils out of himself...
ThiefYou already did that.
White Mage(stabbed by the tendrils) Hrk...
Red MageThat's new though.
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