8-Bit Theater
Episode 1126
Recall this stance from when he fought himself.
Recall this stance from when he fought himself.
Date Published Saturday, May 5, 2009
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The Light Warriors have been fighting amongst themselves since Episode 001, and you still didn't see this coming.

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Red Mage Wait. Maybe she's okay.
Blood begins to gush from where the tendril entered White Mage.
Red Mage Or maybe I'm wrong.
Black Mage (retracting his tendrils) White Mage?
Fighter Stay away from her.
Black Mage ...Fighter.
Fighter Stay back.
Black Mage Get out of the way, Fighter.
Fighter No.
Black Mage Okay, you can't actually stop me.
Fighter (brandishing his swords) I'll try.
Black Mage begins to push tendrils in Fighter's direction, but Fighter blocks them all by spinning his swords blurrily quickly.