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Episode 1127
Episode 1127
That didn't stop the other 1126 episodes.
Invincible Sword Technique
Date Published Tuesday, May 12, 2009
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Black Mage is a bastard... Sweet.

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Black MageWhat are we doing? This is inane.
FighterI don't know what that means.
Black MageOf course you don't.
I'm saying we're Fighter and Black Mage! Are we really going out on a super powered duel?
You can block anything and I'm basically a god.
Our fight would raze the earth for miles and we'd solve nothing.
I'm not so far gone yet that I don't know you're only trying to help White Mage. I...I didn't know she'd...
Take her away from here. From me.
Fighter begins to walk toward White Mage. Black Mage releases a black tendril and impales Fighter's head with it.
Black MageFunny story: I noticed you use swords to block.
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