8-Bit Theater
Episode 1129
He is the genius, y'know!
He is the genius, y'know!
Date Published Tuesday, May 19, 2009
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If you've been reading all of the episodes up until now, this looks familiar.

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Red Mage It's not too late.
Black Mage It is for some people.
Red Mage Are you trying to goad me?
Black Mage You know it's going to end here.
Red Mage Just like it was always going to, right?
Black Mage You're catching on.
Black Mage One last thing. Do you remember when we went to Gurgu?
Red Mage Yes.
Black Mage Why did you do it like that?
Red Mage flashes back to when Black Mage was sprawled in front of the Deathtrap in mid-flight.
Red Mage We thought it'd be funny.
Black Mage Heh. That was funny, wasn't it.