8-Bit Theater
Episode 112
"accidentally" is one way of putting it.
"accidentally" is one way of putting it.
Yet Another Dramatic Cliffhanger
Date Published Tuesday, January 29th, 2002
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The Light Warriors prepare to ambush Garland.

Cast Appearing[]



Red Mage All right everyone, Garland'll be here any moment. Places!
Red Mage, Fighter and Black Mage stand in that order while Thief stands on the ceiling.
Black Mage What the hell is Thief doing?!
Thief I'm a thief. We attack from the shadows.
Black Mage Shadows I can understand. But you're on the roof.
Thief You're one to talk.
Black Mage What are you talking about?
Thief You're supposed to open up this whole attack with a massive fireball spell, yet you're in the very back.
Black Mage There went my plan to "accidentally" murder you fools.
Black Mage stands at the front of the line.
Black Mage Look, just keep an eye out for Garland.
Thief My highly attuned and super sensitive thief senses detect the distinctive clink-clank of Garland's armored boots heading this way!
Fighter takes out his two swords and the rest of the Light Warriors take an offensive stance.
Three comic frames pass...
Black Mage Where is he already? I'm starting to cramp up.
Thief Be patient.
Garland (from outside) Hey there, guys. I've got your food right here. Hold on while I unlock the door...
Garland walks in.
Garland There's so much food, I can't fit the cart in here. Oh well, who got the pop corn?
Black Mage begins charging up a Hadoken spell.
Cut to Brian Clevinger wearing an orange T-shirt with
"A3" written on it.
Brian Clevinger Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion later this week!


  • The word sensitive was misspelled as "sensative".