8-Bit Theater
Episode 1130
Amen to that...
Amen to that...
So close, yet so far.
Date Published Thursday, May 21, 2009
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Sarda proves once again that the world exists to hurt Black Mage.

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Red Mage (Powering up) I won't let you destroy the world.
Black Mage (Powering up) That's super.
Sarda (Looking at Fighter and Thief's bodies) I'm not going to ask who caused this mess because I already knew the answer before I woke up this century.
Black Mage I'll deal with you in a second, y'old bastard.
Sarda (Goes to mage stance) Or, more accurately, right now.
Sarda revives Fighter and Thief
Black Mage What?! That's it I've had enough. This whole goddamn adventure has been nothing but pointless build ups toward pay offs that never happen.
Black Mage I'm done it's been real. Smell ya later.
Sarda uses his magic to change Black Mage's above dialog to:
Black Mage What happened is both satisfactory and logical.
Black Mage Goddammit.