8-Bit Theater
Episode 1132
Who’s The (End) Boss?
Date Published Tuesday, May 26, 2009
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To be honest, it has looked like Sarda wanted to kill them all along.

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Black Mage Well, I started the end battle, and was doing pretty damn great at it, thanks, until you came in and jack assed my victims back to life.
Sarda You thought they were the end boss?
Black Mage Who else would be?
Red Mage You!
The end boss is always the most hideously evil thing in the world! That's you!
You exist to corrupt! You are a blight upon the world!
Your only redemption will be in death because you won't be around to destroy all that lives!
You are the end boss!
We are the heroes!
Sarda brought them back to life too so we could defeat you and bring balance to the world at last!
Sarda Well.
You're all selfish monsters who need to die for the good of everyone else.
Black Mage Wait, even Fighter?
Sarda Except Fighter.
Fighter Yay!
Sarda He's a casualty.
Black Mage Yay!