8-Bit Theater
Episode 1134
When it wasn't funny.
When it wasn't funny.
Date Published Saturday, May 30, 2009
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Sarda is, in fact, even more sadistic than we realized.

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Thief Well, if this mad quest for revenge against Black Mage--
Sarda All of you.
Red Mage But he's the one who did it!
Thief We're innocent! Like loving foster parents.
Sarda But you did nothing to stop him.
Red Mage But we didn't help.
Thief Sometimes.
Black Mage Wait a second.
If you hate us so much, then why'd you give us all those quests that just made us stronger than ever?
Sarda Isn't it obvious?
No, of course it's not, because this is where I have to explain it to you.
It wasn't enough for me to destroy you. It would be too easy. By way of example...
(Sarda attacks the Light Warriors with an magical explosion) See how easy that was?
Red Mage I'm pretty sure it's impossible to feel pain from every distinct particle of my body, but here we are. Wow.
Sarda I made you what you are today so you'd know exactly how insignificant you are when all that power fails to stop me from killing you.
Black Mage That's messed up, Sarda.
Sarda Oh? The thought of it kept me warm for billions of years.