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Episode 1135
Episode 1135
Makes perfect sense.
Date Published Tuesday, June 2, 2009
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A shocking revelation involving numbers.

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Red MageA thought occurs vis-a-vis logical paradoxi and your quest for revenge.
SardaHurry, I'm already bored from the first time I heard you say this.
Red MageIf you hate us for ruining--
Red MageUh, for allegedly ruining your life, then we'll kill the younger you so you never grow up and this never happens!
SardaYou're not really "up" on extra-linear thinking, are ya, sport.
This is not happening multiple times. It's a single event to which I possess multiple vantages.
I already know you don't kill me as a child because I'm right here. Dolt.
And, no, don't say "but what if we do something different".
You can't do something you haven't yet done differently than how it will come to be done.
FighterThat was the most confusing thing I've heard in my life.
Black MageTwo plus two is four.
FighterWait, wait, wait, wait.
(Red Mage, Thief and Black Mage look at Fighter.) Wait.
Black MageHow long does this go on, Sarda?
SardaHe's nearly done.
FighterYou can't transform numbers into other numbers like that.
It'd just go on forever.
That's like witchcraft.
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