8-Bit Theater
Episode 1136
I blame Player 2.
I blame Player 2.
That Is Not A Predictive Model
Date Published Thursday, June 4, 2009
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I think Black Mage's theory is shared by many of the readers.

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Red Mage I don't get it.
You hate us because we're allegedly--
Thief Thank you.
Red Mage --Evil mass-murdering monsters, but we wouldn't have done even half that stuff had you not sent us up to better enjoy killing us for being the mass-murdering monsters you sent us out to become.
Sarda And?
Red Mage And isn't it then your fault that all the tragedies happened?
Sarda It's my fault you people kill and cheat your way through your miserable lives?
Thief killing and cheating is all we're good at.
Black Mage And infighting.
Red Mage I'm saying: you could have stopped us!
Sarda No one can unmake the past.
It already happened, there's no "undo".
Similary, the future already happened.
We just haven't reached it yet.
Black Mage Okay, I have a theory.
(Powering up) It's called: I never knew it was possible to care less about time travel.
Black Mage casts hadoken and aims it at Sarda. Red Mage, Fighter and Thief are blown back by the magical backdraft.


  • Brian calls this version of the hadoken the Helldoken.