8-Bit Theater
Episode 1138
Sorry BM no can do.
Sorry BM no can do.
Use Your Words
Date Published Tuesday, June 9, 2009
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Red Mage, you are an inspiration to "Jack"-talkers everywhere...

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Red Mage We have to put aside our hatred and overriding desire to destroy one another and work together!
Thief That's easy. Suppressing that stuff is the only way we've gotten through every single day since we met.
Fighter But guys, what about Black Mage? He's actually evil now, not just a misunderstood helper.
Red Mage Uh.
Thief Uh.
Black Mage Oh! Sarda was mind controlling me. Er. It was the mind control.
Fighter Hm, that doesn't seem logical.
Black Mage Mind control never does.
Sarda So, this is what it's like to be bored to death.
Black Mage Hey, it got us this far!
Red Mage Wait, this is perfect. The omnipotent jackass just jacked his own ass.
Black Mage Can we have anyone else say whatever he's going to say, hm? Please?
Red Mage No. no. We couldn't beat old Sarda because he already knew what we'd do and how he'd counter it when he saw it all go down as young Sarda whom he just teleported!
Now that he doesn't know what's coming, we can jack his ass.
We'll jack it right off!
Black Mage Stop talking!