8-Bit Theater
Episode 1139
Dun Dun Dahh…
Dun Dun Dahh…
If, Then
Date Published Thrusday, June 11, 2009
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The question is "Red Mage, will this one actually work?".

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Sarda I still know I win because my younger self will grow up in a world no longer terrorized by you.
Black Mage And what you fail to
Okay he's got a point.
Because, soon as we're done here? My plan was to terrorize the world big time.
Thief I was going to plunder the dwarven lands and use those resources to subjugate everyone else.
Red Mage I was going to use my infinite knowledge to dethrone the gods and start the world over.
Fighter And I was going to open up a free heroing school and teach everyone how to be a hero so there'd be no monsters or oppression.
Black Mage None of that happens then?
Sarda Nope.
Black Mage At least I will die knowing that none of you jerks achieved anything.
Red Mage For the first time in my brilliant career, I hesitate to say this, but...
I have a plan.
Sarda Good luck with that.