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Episode 1139
Episode 1139
Dun Dun Dahh…
If, Then
Date Published Thrusday, June 11, 2009
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The question is "Red Mage, will this one actually work?".

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SardaI still know I win because my younger self will grow up in a world no longer terrorized by you.
Black MageAnd what you fail to
Okay he's got a point.
Because, soon as we're done here? My plan was to terrorize the world big time.
ThiefI was going to plunder the dwarven lands and use those resources to subjugate everyone else.
Red MageI was going to use my infinite knowledge to dethrone the gods and start the world over.
FighterAnd I was going to open up a free heroing school and teach everyone how to be a hero so there'd be no monsters or oppression.
Black MageNone of that happens then?
Black MageAt least I will die knowing that none of you jerks achieved anything.
Red MageFor the first time in my brilliant career, I hesitate to say this, but...
I have a plan.
SardaGood luck with that.
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