8-Bit Theater
Episode 113
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Yet Another Gag Based on An Anti-Climatic Moment
Date Published Thursday, January 31th, 2002
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The Light Warriors (don't) kill Garland!

Cast Appearing[]



Black Mage charges up his Hadoken spell, but it does nothing but sputter.
Black Mage Er...

Oh yeah. I can only do one Hadoken per day. Damned level 9 spells.

Garland C'mon now guys. There snacks aren't going to eat themselves! Dig in!
Black Mage I'd feel bad about it, but it's Red Mage's fault since this was his dumb plan.
Red Mage Eheh. Yeah, you'd think I would've remembered that what with my super boosted intelligence and everything. Ahem, new plan. Thief, get 'im!
Thief falls off the ceiling and hits the floor with a WHAM!
Thief My arms got tired.
Red Mage Fighter! You're our only hope now! Our chances of victory rest squarely on your shoulders! Do you have the encumbrance rating to carry us to through the treacherous path of triumph!
Fighter isn't there.
Red Mage Fighter?
Fighter re-enters the room with some popcorn.
Fighter This popcorn is great! It's just buttery enough without going over board.
Black Mage We have clearly reached the point where only rampant and unchecked stabbing can save us.
And my first act as self-appointed stabmaster is to slay my comrades.


  • The word encumbrance was misspelled "encumberance".
  • The title uses the word "climatic" in place of "climactic".