8-Bit Theater
Episode 1140
Don't ask what you don't want to know.
Don't ask what you don't want to know.
Where the sun don't shine
Date Published Saturday, June 13, 2009
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Just when you think this comic couldn't get any weirder...

Cast Appearing[]



Red Mage It's not a plan anyone will like.
Black Mage Nothing you have said or done has ever been anything anyone has liked.
Red Mage You'll like this less.
But first, uh Sarda!
What is that behind you!
Sarda Surely you must be kidding.
Red Mage No! It's behind you and oh man you better look right now or-ooh!
Black Mage This is your idea of a plan.
Sarda (Turns around) I'm going to turn around and, oh look, there's nothing there. What a "surprise" that is, gosh.
Sarda (Turns back to face the Light warriors who are gone now.) And then...
I knew that would happen, but I'm mad about it anyway.
Black Mage Where in the hell are we?
Red Mage My A-hole.
Black Mage Goddammit, Red Mage...