8-Bit Theater
Episode 1141
Have you any idea how disturbing that is?!
Have you any idea how disturbing that is?!
How Deep Does The A-Hole Go?
Date Published Tuesday, June 16, 2009
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Red Mage explains, in his own little way, what his A-Hole is...

Cast Appearing[]


  • Red Mage's "A-Hole"


Red Mage So deep are we (within my A-Hole) that Sarda will never find us no matter how thoroughly or how vigorously he probes. My A-Hole.
Black Mage Can you say things without talking?
Is that...
Can we do that? Please?
Red Mage What's wrong?
All I'm saying is that we're deep, deep in my A-Hole.
Black Mage Stop using that word!
Red Mage O...kay.
Black Mage Thank you.
Red Mage Would you prefer me to say that we are in my B-Hole then?
Either is accurate.
Black Mage I'm...not sure what that could refer to, and it makes me worried.
Red Mage Oh, it's quite simple, really.
I put us within two portable holes while Sarda wasn't looking.

The holes themselves then fell into each other, removing each from the universe entirely.
Red Mage And now that we're outside Sarda's purview, I can divulge my greatest plan ever!
Black Mage Spit it out so I can hate it properly.
Red Mage I absorbed the contents of the Datasphere. I know how to destroy everything that will exist.
That includes Sarda.