8-Bit Theater
Episode 1142
Aw, it's for the thrill of the hunt!
Remember Them?
Date Published Thursday, June 18, 2009
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We can't just forget these guys, can we?

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Elsewhere in the Temple
GarlandIts quiet.
BikkeYe think we can stop hiding?
VilbertWe'd better hide a little more to be completely sure.
All of the Dark Warriors completely hide behind their columns.
BikkeYar, can we be done with the hiding yet? I be gettin' the leg cramps.
Drizz'lOh, we may as well.
We're hiding from an omnipotent super wizard.
If he wants us dead, it won't matter if we're hiding from him.
GarlandThank you Mr. cloud-up-and-rain-all-over-us.
Drizz'lSorry, I didn't mean to interrupt the hug parade with a dose of cold, hard reality.
VilbertAh, we're missing the hug parade for this?
BikkeYar, I been thinking it were the next of the next week.
GarlandGosh, if only we had a newsletter, things like this wouldn't happen!
Garland turns around.
GarlandYes, I'm bitter.
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