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Episode 1143
Episode 1143
Oh. Glowing Orb make fire. And earth, wind, and water.
101 Uses
Date Published Thursday, June 22 23, 2009
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Exdeath would know how to deal with incompetent fools like them...

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GarlandDid anyone else notice the huge glowing mystical orbs on top of our hiding pillars?
VilbertBut not prior to you pointing them out.
GarlandDo they have any sort of practical purpose?
BikkeYe mean beyond their obvious use what be the holding down of these here hidey pillars?
GarlandUh, yes. Yes, beyond that.
Drizz'lWell, that's the Earth Orb. To possess it is to possess the soul of the land.
Drizz'lIf I had to guess, I'd say those are the other orbs, namely Water, Wind, and Fire.
In short, this room appears to contain the four primary mechanisms that uh...


GarlandOh, that's useful.


  • Due to an error in the WordPress system that the site runs on, the comic was released much earlier than expected (Monday, about 9:35 PM PDT, in his time zone)
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