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Episode 1144
Episode 1144
Hate. Love. They both get siphoned into streams of destructive plasma anyway.
Pyrrhic For Some
Date Published Thursday, June 25, 2009
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Well Black Mage, you should be proud they're using your final solution.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Red Mage's "A-Hole"


Red MageIt won't be easy.
Black MageNothing that involves enduring you jerks for yet another five minutes is ever easy.
Red MageIt will require team work.
Black MageWe can do that.
In theory.
Red MageWe've seen teamwork, anyway.
ThiefWell I've heard of it.
Not sure I understand the appeal.
Red MageLet me put it another way.
If we are to live long enough to destroy each other properly, we have to team up to destroy Sarda first.
I guess.
Red MageOkay. Step one: kill Black Mage.
Black MagePoint of order: what the hell!
Red Mage(Red Mage, Fighter and Thief all enter battle stances) Would you rather be killed by Sarda or your beloved friends?
Black MageNeither! Also, I hate you guys.
Red MageHate is a kind of love.
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