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Episode 1145
There are few times you'll hear this from BM.
Dark Hearts and Coronets
Date Published Saturday, June 27, 2009
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Stabbing an evil wizard through the heart: a common tabletop fantasy genre cliché.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Red Mage's "A-Hole"


Black MageYou were just talking about how we need to work together!
Red MageAnd now we're working together to kill you.
Black MageDammit, Fighter, I just tricked you into being friends again!
FighterI'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention and then everyone was all action pose!
What's up?
Black MageThey're trying to kill me!
Fighter(going to Black Mage's side) That's a shame.
Red MageBut we have a good reason!
Fighter(back to Red Mage's side) Sorry, Black Mage, but you heard the man.
Black Mage"A good reason" isn't a good reason at all!
Red MageWe need to use your heart.
Black MageSo do I!
It moves my blood around.
Red MageNot if we kill you!
Black MageThat's distressingly logical.
Red MageYou're a nexus of destructive force.

And that's been amplified by the hate and evil you absorbed from your doppelganger and the fiends.
At the center of it all is your heart: a mass of pure malevolence for all that lives.
Black MageI've only been saying that for years now.
Red MageUnleashing its power may be enough to destroy Sarda completely.
Black MageSuddenly, living in your A-Hole forever doesn't seem so bad.
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