8-Bit Theater
Episode 1147
If we say it enough times, it must be true!
If we say it enough times, it must be true!
The Big Plan
Date Published Thursday, 2 July 2009
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Nothing could definitely go wrong with their plan...Nothing.

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Thief It can't be as simple as shooting Sarda in the face with super-hate.
Red Mage Oh, it's not, Thief. Not by a long shot.
Red Mage First, I'll use my enlightened understanding of all reality to attack Sarda with every spell at once and overwhelm his defenses.

Sarda will undoubtedly have many counterspells at the ready.

Therefore, Fighter will hang back with the casters to parry whatever is set off.
Thus giving Black Mage the opportunity to get a single shot off.
Red Mage Unless he's really lying about being a wizard.
Black Mage You've seen me cast so many spells! Arghble!
Red Mage Okay, if you insist. Fine, you're totally a wizard.
Black Mage I know!
Red Mage And, for the record, you're still against the plan where we kill you and take your heart out. Correct?
Black Mage Oh no, in retrospect I really think of course I'm still against it!
Red Mage Well, in that case: Thief, you'll ninja your way to Sarda under the cover of apocalyptic thaumological fireworks and backstab his head clean off.
Thief I'm not 100% on the anatomy of that, but I'll make it work.
Red Mage And now that I've described the plan in full, nothing can possibly go wrong.