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Episode 1151
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Splitting Up Is Hard To Do
Date Published Saturday, July 11, 2009
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Making metaphorical applications of elements: also a common tabletop fantasy genre cliché.

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GarlandHow do we split them up then?
Drizz'lSimple. I get the Earth Orb because of the whole elven thing.

Bikke gets the Water Orb.

And you two get the orbs that're so thematically appropriate to each of you that I don't need to specify which they are., I get...
Because I'm such a hothead?
Drizz'lYeah, sure, why not.
VilbertAir? What am I going to do with the Air Orb? I don't actually breathe!
In character.
Drizz'lThese things are tied to metaphorical applications as well.
Drizz'lYou've probably got influence over knowledge or communication there.
Maybe travel?
BikkeNow, I be thinking travel be under the purview of the Orb what be of Water,
Drizz'lI'll grant you trade and commerce, so travels for those purposes would qualify as well.
Drizz'lBut not traveling as a whole.
BikkeWell, we be seein' what The Claw has to say 'bout that!
Drizz'lNothing! It's a prop and it's stupid!
BikkeYe didn't have to yell!
GarlandAnd you said we wouldn't need his tote.
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