8-Bit Theater
Episode 1152
Garland fights fire with fire.
Garland fights fire with fire.
Not The Best Comeback
Date Published Saturday, July 11, 2009
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The Dark Warriors incompetently haul out the Orbs while being caught by Sarda, while Red Mage makes up his own degrees.

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Garland There. We've got Orbs and we're all happy for them.
Vilbert I'm not.
Drizz'l And nobody cared.
Sarda Excuse me.
Drizz'l Scram, y'old buzzard. We've got the Orbs and all the loosely defined powers they confer,
Sarda That's adorable. Really.
Garland Oh, we'll show you adorable!
Garland shows Sarda a picture of a cute little rabbit.
Sarda Yes, you sure did.
Red Mage Trust me. Inverting all of reality into this null-zone is the best idea.
I have two relevant degrees.
Black Mage (being handed a degree certificate by Red Mage) Escapology and, what's this...escaponomy?
Red Mage Yes.
Black Mage It's in your handwriting.
Red Mage Doesn't mean they're not degrees though!