8-Bit Theater
Episode 1154
Episode 1154
Brought to you by GOAT. (Or is it a llama?)
Epilepsy Warning, No Seriously
Date Published Tuesday, July 21, 2009
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Non-Epileptic Version Episode 1154: Epilepsy Warning, No Seriously

A good helping of epileptic seizures! Clicky for the non-epileptic version!

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Drizz'lOkay, so the Orb gambit didn't exactly work out.
That's fine,
We're an evil gang, we can just beat you up.
SardaAnd I can do this.
The Dark Warriors swirl around a flashing picture of a freaked-out llama.
Drizz'lWhat was that, what was that?
VilbertI don't understand what happened!
SardaIt would be worse if you did.
Drizz'lOkay. We need a new approach.
Drizz'lYou guys stay here.
I'm gonna go look for it.
Drizz'l leaves his Earth Orb. The Dark Warriors sans Bikke are still stunned from the event...
GarlandSo, was that a goat, or...?
SardaY'know, I've never asked.
Black MageAh-ha! I knew it would work!
All we had to do was turn Red Mage's A-Hole inside-out.
And explain to Fighter that you can't do that with swords. And what we meant by "Red Mage's A-Hole,"


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