8-Bit Theater
Episode 1155
Really dumb kittens on a leaky lifeboat in a typhoon.
Really dumb kittens on a leaky lifeboat in a typhoon.
Very Good Reasons Too
Date Published Thursday, July 23, 2009
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Stupid, stupid, stupid Dark Warriors did not notice that Drizz'l had "marooned" them to Sarda.

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Garland You're gonna hate it when Drizz'l comes back with the plan to defeat you, wizard.
Sarda Yeah, he's not coming back.
Sarda What he did was to run away from this situation.
Sarda Because he quite wisely reckoned the longer he stayed, the less likely he would be able to leave it alive.
Garland Well, if you're right, then why did he leave us here, hm?
The Dark Warriors' cumulative negative IQ causes Sarda's eyes to glow, then shift back toward the reader.
Sarda I have been witness to the infinite tapestry of the cosmos, but I have never met anyone dumber than you guys.
Sarda Look, I don't do this...uh, ever.
But you guys are basically like kittens stuck on a leaking lifeboat in a typhoon.
Just run.
Garland But, why?
Sarda Four reasons.
Sarda makes the Orbs float in the air.


  • This episode was originally labeled "Episode 1154", the same as the last episode.