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Episode 1156
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Date Published Saturday, July 25, 2009
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Thief wants to do the most elvish way to do it...By doing the same thing Drizz'l did.

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Red MageOkay, is everyone ready?
Black MageYes.
Red MageLet's go!
Red MageTo kill Sarda.
FighterOh, right right, right. Okay, yeah.

Red MageWith the plan we talked about earlier that uses all of our abilities.
FighterYeah, abilities. Okay. Those could be useful.
Black MageFighter brings up a good point by way of his stupidity.
Shouldn't we practice this thing? Our lives are in the balance here.
ThiefSpeak for yourselves.
ThiefI'm ninja-porting outside as soon as this goes down.

Then I'll go back to Elfland where I'll change my name and take on a quiet life of living forever in the nicest palace in the world. Also? Rich.
ThiefBut, no. You guys? You should totally practice.
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