8-Bit Theater
Episode 1157
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Date Published Tuesday, July 28, 2009
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Just remember the plan!

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Red Mage We can't practice.
We went to the A-Holeverse to reveal my plan out of Sarda's purview.
Red Mage If we show if off now, the jig will be quite up.
Fighter Okay. Just give me the very detailed step-by-step then.
Red Mage That's exactly the thing we did the other thing to avoid what we're trying to avoi--
Black Mage Look. It doesn't matter.
We'll stand him where he needs to be, face him the right way, and instinct'll do the rest.
Fighter Ah, a hugging plan, is it?
Red Mage Good enough.
Red Mage That just leaves the Thief issue then.
Black Mage The way I see it, if we kill him before he ditches us, okay yeah, we're screwed, but he's dead.
Thief Yeah, I can hear you.
Black Mage faces Thief, examines him with a narrowed eye, and starts thinking...
Black Mage So, ultimately, we're better off.