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Episode 1158
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It’s That Time Again
Date Published Thursday, July 30, 2009
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Oh, look, he's got a notebook now!

Cast Appearing[]



Fighter's Journal
Oh man, what a day! We went outside the universe but it wasn't as interesting as it sounds. Everything is just kind of green and weird. Also, no air (because there is nothing except the green and you cannot breathe a color*)! So, I died. But I forgot about the air and it was okay. WHEW!

It turns out that we have to kill Sarda!!!!. I don't think that's very heroic, but I guess it's so that he doesn't kill us first. And if we're dead, then we can't hero around, so it's like that. Also I think it works out to be okay because Sarda is kind of rude.

The plan to kill him is a secret SO SECRET that's it's also secret to my journal so you're outta luck, Mr. J (that is what I call my journal sometimes). But the short version is that I play the most critical role: that of the main offensive hug machine.

Maybe that's too much information. I do not know, and I can't ask around because maybe that would be sharint too much info!!!

Just to be safe, pretend I didn't write that about the hugging.

And also pretend you didn't read it. Okay? Good.

And don't go back and re-read it now that you're pretending you didn't read it because it's not there for you to read it because okay what?

Black Mage has been well. He's radiating pure darkness now. He's got some kind of screaming demon background noise reverb thing going on with his voice. I think he just wants attention.

Okay, gotta go and practice my hugging!
*Fighter Fact