8-Bit Theater
Episode 1159
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Date Published Thursday, August 6, 2009
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Black Mage suffers Red Mage's chatty syndrome.

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Thief Fine. If you're going to be a bunch of team-killing babies about it, I'll stick to the plan.
Red Mage Great!
Thief As far as you know.
Black Mage I heard that!
Thief I'm sorry. It's an elfish thing. Whispering treacherous omens is basically our accent.
Thief I completely, seriously intend to do my part.

To kill you all.
Red Mage Oh, Black Mage. Stop gawking.
It's just a speech impediment, not a second head growing out of his neck.
Black Mage Telling the truth isn't a speech impediment, Red Mage.
Red Mage But it kind of is with us.
Black Mage Okay, yeah. But that's not the point!
Black Mage He's saying one thing and then saying another thing and then he does, uh, one of the...
Black Mage (scribbling on paper) Carry the six...
Black Mage Of the things he says, one of which we're supposed to ignore, it's the thing he does.
Fighter That was very nearly a sentence.
Black Mage Fighter's riffing me off now?
How did this become my life?

Is this like prison? Do I have to shank a guy to get cred?