8-Bit Theater
Episode 115
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The Tides of War Are Upon Us!
Date Published Thursday, February 7th, 2002
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Maybe the Castle is haunted...

Cast Appearing[]



While the Light Warriors prepare for the arduous battle ahead of them...
Fighter Mumble, gonna die, pray hate Fighter, plead, why me, grumble, so much to live for, beg (Again with the kneeling)
Red Mage
Black Mage
And the forces of evil rally themselves against the coming dawn...
In the War room, The "Spidey-Cam" shows Spider Man swinging around holding a man.
Sara I'm tired of your bungling. I'm taking you to the dungeon personally and we'll take care of this little Light Warrior infestation once and for all!
A power of pure and incomparable horror--unwatched--gathers its might in the darkness...
The next frame shows several Forest Imps.
Their frenzied calls echoing through the ancient halls--Keeheeheeheehee!--are enough to drive a sane mind to the brink of madness.
So imagine what they're capable of against a sucker like Garland...
Forest Imp (out of frame) Keeheehee
Garland Did you hear that?
Sara It's just the castle settling.
Garland If you say so.
A Forest Imp sneaks behind Garland.