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Episode 1162
Episode 1162
We should have brought the invisible tank instead of the invisible friends
Date Published Thursday, August 13, 2009
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I laugh at Red Mage's constant double-entendres...they get more and more obvious every time.

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Red MageWait, your balls shrunk.
The double-entendre makes Sarda drop his Orbs.
They're Orbs.
Red MageOrbs, balls, what's the difference? It's all spheres.
They're not shrinking. I'm siphoning out their power, redirecting it, re-making the world, etcetera, my image, etcetera.
Red MageNo you're not!
SardaYes, I am.
Red MageYou didn't let me finish.
SardaGo on then.
Red MageObviously you're doing that, but what I'm saying is we'll stop you now that we're here.
SardaYou and what ragtag band of adventurers with humorously conflicting personalities who learn the true meaning of friendship?
Red Mage holds out a hand to his teammates, but turns his head to notice they aren't there...
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