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Episode 1164
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Bravery Comma The Rewards Of
Date Published Tuesday, August 25, 2009
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Did you really think that the Light Warriors would escape?

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Cut to the three Light Warriors running away...
ThiefThere's no shame in running like cowards.
Black MageNot at all! Running like cowards is choosing life over death. It's probably the bravest thing we can do right now.
FighterWhy is the ceiling blurry?
Black MageIt's not, you are.
They end up behind Sarda.
Black MageI told you we should have taken the stairs.
All these temples have stupid hypergeometry
Thief(running) To the stairs!
They fall down behind Red Mage.
Black MageLet's go up this time.
Red Mage sees the three run off, and glances at Sarda. The three end up falling from above again...
Black MageWhy do we even have physics?
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