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Episode 1165
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Disorder Of Operations
Date Published Tuesday, August 27, 2009
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Red Mage wants to give a good impression to their end boss, but the chances of that has gone to pot...

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FighterSee, I don't think I'm blurry, because then why would that make me percieve parts of the world as blurry?
But now nothing's blurry. Or maybe everything is!
Black MageWill you shut up! Can't you see we're ultradoomed, Fighter?
FighterWell, I can see the ceiling.
Red MageGuys! Stop being stupid for one second and do the things we talked about doing!
The Light Warriors (Fighter still being carried by Thief) face Sarda.
SardaHey, you let me know when the fireworks start so I can kill you with a thought.
Red MageUgh! Guys, we're looking like idiots in front of the end boss.
Red MageI don't want to play the blame game, but if I did, I'd say you three were 100% at fault.
ThiefDon't look at me. I do my thing at the end.
FighterAnd I forgot my thing.
Black MageDon't you go first, anyway?
Silence from Red Mage.
Red MageEr, no! Shut up! I'm going!
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