8-Bit Theater
Episode 1167
Episode 1167
Mmm, deep fried Light Warriors
What Goes Up
Date Published September 1st, 2009
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The Light Warriors learn how to fly without wings

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The Light Warriors are being shot upward from the explosion of the Temple of Fiends
Black MageWas that me? It was all a blur after and during the huge explosion.
ThiefMaybe? I backstabbed someone in the middle of it, I know that.
Red MageHey, you're not super evil any more.
Black MageWhat're you--Aww, WHAT?!
ThiefNo one cares.
Did the plan work?
Red MageNo one could've survived that, Thief.
Black MagePoint of Order: us.
Red MageWe're statistical outliers on the survivability curve.
Black MageIt's four for four! That's 100%! How is that an outlier?
Red MageThat the survival rate is technically 100% is what's so unlikely. Everyone else must have been killed, i.e. Sarda.
On the other hand, the aberrant nature of our survival may be more accurately understood as a wholly temporary condition of our direction.
Black MageI suddenly favor the first, much more stupid interpretation.
FighterIf we can just dodge the ground, we'll be fine.
Black Mage(Over the smoldering ruins of the Temple of Fiends) Let us know how that works out for ya.
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