8-Bit Theater
Episode 116
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The ol' Switcheroo!
Date Published Monday, February 11th, 2002
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The Forest Imps strike again!

Cast Appearing[]



Close up to a poster on a wall showing kids swimming underwater. One of the kids is saying "Underwater squad of death, attack!". The writing below reads:-

Evil... Kids know how to do it.
Adult tyrants and despots
need to rediscover it.

Garland Why are we stopping here?
Sara Hm? Oh, sorry. It's just that these posters of yours never cease to repulse me.

Anyway, let's get moving. Those Light Warriors need to be taught a lesson... in pain!

Garland Good evil line.
Sara Shut. Up.
Garland I'm still not so sure about this. Being a villain is all so new to me.
Sara There's nothing to worry about.
Just follow these instructions. Okay?
Sara gives Garland his speech.
Garland Let's see here... "I, Garland, destroyer of souls, will be as an endless plague upon your lands..." Wow. This is really good stuff.
Sara Of course it is, you dolt. I wrote it.
Garland Man, those Light Warriors don't stand a chance!
Several Forest Imps appear with a fake imp Speech.
Forest Imp Hup hup hup!
The Forest Imps switch Garland's speech with the fake imp speech.
Forest Imp (out of frame) Keeheehee!
Garland Evil Princess Sara, didn't you see--
Sara (out of frame) Quit dawdling and move it!
Garland I could've sworn...
Sara I can't wait to double cross that moron...
Meanwhile, back in the guest dungeon, the Light Warriors are hatching a foolproof plan to escape!
Black Mage ...So you see, by allowing me to kill you three, I'll be able to at least die with some dignity.

...And a smile.