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Episode 1171
Episode 1171
Dun dun dahh!
Threat Assessment
Date Published September 10th, 2009
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The Final Showdown?

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Red MageI know we've got this whole murder pact thing going, but it may be more practical for us to divide the world into quadra-spheres.
Black MageExplain.
Red MageWell, if we fight one another to the death there's a good--
Red MageOh, darn it.
Black MageWow, one of Red Mage's complex plans didn't sork.
Were you surprised?
I was surprised.
Red MageI don't know what could have gone wrong. The datasphere showed me exactly how to kill Sarda!
SardaAnd you might have done it, had I not taken the power of the orbs.
Red MageAh.
That's a different thing.
ThiefOkay, what can we do?
Red MageTwo things.
Red MageOne: hope Sarda had an inexplicable change of heart and he wants to be our bestest ever friend.
SardaNot a prayer.
SardaIn fact, I didn't think it was possible, but now I hate you even more!
The super powered evil I absorbed from Black Mage Seems to be responsible.
Who knows what kind of sadistic and impossible stuff I'll do now.
Red MageTwo: kiss our own asses good-bye.
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