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Episode 1172
Episode 1172
Good thing his animal husbandry score is so high. Otherwise he'd be dead.
Date Published September 12th, 2009
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The Final Showdown?

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  • The forest near the Temple of Fiends


SardaI was going to give you the illusion of a fighter chance.
But now I'd rather your final moments were ones of complete despair.
Black MageMission accomplished, Sarda.
SardaI haven't done it yet.
Black MageOh.
Black MageFuck.
Red MageLook at the bright side, Black Mage.
You can die in peace now that Sarda absorbed all of your evil.
Black Mage looks down. He then sticks a knife in Red Mage's head.
Red MageMost of your evil.
Red Mage gets another knife in the head.
Red MageSome of your--
Red Mage(With a knife in his mouth) Ah'll thud ub bow.
SardaThe irony is that there's not much left for me to do to you that you haven't already done to yourselves.
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