8-Bit Theater
Episode 1179
So, same as always?
So, same as always?
Everything Will Be Fine
Date Published Thursday, October 1, 2009
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Black Mage is stupid. Sarda shoops his lazer.

Cast Appearing[]


  • The forest near the Temple of Fiends


Thief Do we have any idea what is going to kill us this time?
Red Mage My guess? He'll erupt into a brilliant column of light that'll redistribute the elemental, magical, and evil energies he absorbed.
Red Mage We'll be relatively safe.
Black Mage How relatively?
Red Mage Slightly to not-at-all. We'll be lucky to have any skin left.
Sarda (energy weakening) This... this isn't right.
Black Mage Thanks for the update, Spanky.
Sarda (on his knees) This... will not be...
Thief Dammit, how was he able--
Sarda I am Sarda.
And I am older than time. I possess a power beyond mortal imagination.
Sarda My plans will not be undone by such amateur-hour horseshit as absorbing too much power and exploding.
Sarda I am Sarda. My will be done.
Black Mage I guess he has give this a few billion years more thought than we have.
Sarda becomes re-energized and the whole forest explodes in a bright blue laser.